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No. Name Occupation Designation Photo
01 Sanjay Kumar Sharma
He is a social worker and he works for development of poor and needy people and revolution in society. He has a vision to establish a progressive society with great cultural touch. He is an example of simple living and high thinking. Mr. Sharma has got great love for literature and attracts every one of society due to his humorous and pleasant approach. Though he is engaged in his own established business, his love towards society’s welfare works is unparallel.
Business & Social Work President
02 Rajesh Roshan
He is a social activist & Journalist of having belief in total revolution in society. He has a mission to educate, organize and empower the rural poor to promote development as a liberating force aimed at justice, economic growth, self reliance and also to enable the disabled people to participate at every level of the society. Mr. Rajesh Roshan is an awarded speaker and takes a huge interest in singing and writing. Mr. Roshan also takes seminars in many cities to promote human values.
Journalism & Social Work Vice President
03 Kumar Gaurav
Mr. Gaurav is the Secretary of SRI SIYARAM SEVA SANSTHAN (SSSS). He is a young and energetic member with a very strong bond for society’s well being. He has got born ability of leadership and a very positive attitude towards any matter pertaining to betterment of mankind. Social works are on his priority list and he makes his presence felt in any type of social work. He is a methodical planner of any mission, he undertakes till he fulfills that.
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Business & Social Work Secretary
04 Amar Abhimanyu
He is a hardworking young man with deep desire of doing social work. His cordial contact in the society makes him a loved one by the people. He got ability to motivate people in creating a developed and better society.
Business & Social Work Cashier
05 Awadesh Kumar Sharma
He is a former Deputy Chief Engineer/ Indian Railway, now full time social activist. He has got leadership ability and excellent communication skill. He is always available for any community work for well being of the people.
Social Work Member
06 Raghwendra Das
He has a born quality of leadership. Evil of the society pains him. His dreams are to achive high for the mankind. He is a full time social activist. He is a devotee of Lord “Bajrangbali”. His title ’Das’ is created by himself. Das means devotion with God and human being.
Social Work Member
07 Shiv Kumar Ram
By profession he is a Music Teacher and a good singer. He is soft spoken and accommodative person in any situation. He attracts people around him and does social service with utmost devotion to the down trodden members of the society.
Teaching & Social Work Member